Post Natal Fitness


Pregnancy and giving birth can have a very drastic effect on a woman’s body. Whilst celebrities regularly showcase remarkably flat tummies and masses of energy shortly after giving birth – remember those pictures of Kate Middleton playing volleyball just a few months after presenting Prince George to the world? –…

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Live a Healthier Lifestyle


How healthy are you? Do you lead an active lifestyle? Eat a healthy diet? Do you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day? …chances are you answered ‘no’ to at least a few of the above! As modern day adults, we struggle to find the time to look…

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Look After Your Skin


We all dream of soft, supple and glowing skin, especially during the summer months, but we are all a little guilty of not looking after our skin as well as we should, and our day-to-day lives can often be hectic, meaning your skin and body are often neglected. Here is…

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Tattoo Regret


The British public have a very strange relationship with tattoos. One the one hand, getting a tattoo seems to be more popular than ever, with more people choosing to visit tattoo parlours than ever before, and more and more tattoo parlours springing up to meet this demand. The Facts However,…

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Laser Hair Removal


Laser hair removal has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the contemporary world. It can effectively reduce unwanted hair permanently with minimal risks. However, keep in mind that to be effective the laser hair removal procedure has to be repeated at least three to eight times for…

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Your Healthy Pregnancy!


  All you ladies that are pregnant or have been pregnant all know too well that there are a many risks involved with pregnancy for the health of yourself, and the health of your baby. Pregnancy hormones are raging and many changes are happening to your body which requires you…

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Company for Mum

Since I moved away from the Midlands I have felt a little guilty about being so distant from my mum and not being able to give her as much attention as she deserves. Whilst I get down to see her every other weekend, there’s no doubting that our family life…

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Muscle Building Intake

Building muscle effectively requires more than simply hitting the gym. A good workout will get you so far, but the best muscle comes from the best base, and that requires strictly regimenting your diet to obtain the necessary and vital nutrients your body needs for muscle building. Protein Protein is…

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Give Contacts A Try


I have worn glasses now for 11 years, and since I put on my first pair I have accepted that they were going to have to be a part of my life forever. Waking up blurry eyed and scrambling around in search of my spectacles as become a much a…

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Motivation to Keep Fit


              We all know keeping fit is an essential part of living a healthy, long and prosperous lifestyle. About 30 minutes of exercise per day is what is recommended. However, we also all know how hard it can be to have the motivation to…

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