How to Remain Positive When Dealing With Divorce


Dealing with a break up is never easy, but dealing with the breakdown of a marriage can be utterly devastating. It’s easy to send yourself on a downward spiral, which can lead to depression. According to About Relationships, men are more at risk of suffering depression after a divorce than…

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How to Love the Skin You’re In


Self-confidence can be hard to find; it isn’t hard to constantly notice your flaws, and pick out what you’d like to change in yourself. This shouldn’t be the case – whether you’re male or female you should ultimately love the skin you’re in! The No Make Up Selfie Campaign in…

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How Healthy Is Your Hair?


We’d all love to have hair like the models in the shampoo adverts – thick, glossy and perfect. However, salon style is expensive – and your pursuit of perfection could in itself be damaging to your hair. What Damages Your Hair? Many of the things we all do to style…

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Simplify Your Life: Live Organically


Organic: simple, healthful and close to nature, as in an “organic lifestyle” Organic living has become a trend in itself as of recent years, and focuses on the purity of living without what is seen as harmful bacteria and microorganisms that attack your system. Eating foods that have additives or…

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Avoid Injury when Weight Training

Group Weight Training

You may have noticed that interest in fitness is on the rise in the UK, as people start to take their health a little more seriously. Gyms are clearly a growth industry, memberships are increasing and plenty of people are getting themselves involved in weight training. Weight training is undeniably…

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Alternative and Spiritual Approaches to Wellbeing


In today’s busy world, we often fail to take the time to look after ourselves; the stress of everyday life can really affect us both physically and spiritually. If modern life is taking its toll on you, then you might consider turning to more ancient, spiritual techniques to re-acquire the…

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Celebrities and Spirituality


Celebrities are often admired for their eccentricity and individuality, especially with regard to their unique lifestyle choices. In the same way that many celebrities discuss their Jewish heritage or Christian beliefs, some personalities sing praises of more unconventional denominations and movements. Madonna and Kabbalah   Madonna attracted attention when pregnant…

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Feel Beautiful For the Remainder of the Summer!


It’s finally August and summer is in full swing. Though, in typical British fashion, it may not be sunny every day, it’s likely that we will see many more days of sunshine before the leaves begin to fall. Here’s our guide to feeling beautiful in this last month of summer!…

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How Pets Improve Your Health


If you are looking for ways to improve your health, you’ve probably already considered the obvious options – cutting out smoking, getting more exercise, eating more healthily – but have you considered getting a pet? It may be surprising to learn, but having an animal companion in your home can…

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What to Expect After Giving Birth


The first few weeks after giving birth to your baby can be a very emotional time for you and your partner. There is a lot to experience, learn and do. There is the excitement of finally getting to see and hold your baby after 9 months of anticipation! However, you…

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